Vehicle Tracking & Driver Identification System

Vehicle Tracking & Driver Identification System

Online WEB Applications - Advantages

Sophisticated events generator enabling the operator / user to define unlimited number of event type and allert methods at any given time. This capability may serve as an income increase method for the operator.

- Flexible events definition
- Flexible alerts receiving
- Automatic reports generation, (Email)
- Information management from various Data bases
- User Friendly and easy to operate available in more than 10 languages.

Fleet Application - Main Features GPD Technology's

Fleet system philosophy is to analyze the data for teh fleet manager (By reports to his email) and to send in real time the deviations to his mobile.

- Real time Tracking online up to one minute interval
- A built in vehicle's Work Plan
- Real time transmission to the Mobile Phone
- A Full Geo-fencing tool
- Mileage reading by the GPS: up to 97% accurate
- Real time Over speed alert
- Activity Reports, like vehicle Work Hours report
- Option to Store vehicle locations and statuses for weeks
- All Inputs and Outputs detection includes analog inputs
- Option to Immobilized the vehicle engine in specific time
- Easy integration to variety of external ofline software
- Connecting to external devices like Garmin for send and recive text messages.